Our video solution simplifies the complexity of the fragmented digital video ecosystem and allows demand and supply to achieve maximum liquidity and transparency.

Our own team of developers, working with proprietary AI and algorithms, built a state-of-the-art scalable platform that provides control, real-time analytics and powerful insights to our customers.
It allows us to perform processing in microseconds, less than 15ms bid processing and response time, thanks to counting with several data centers across the globe, for geo-relevant efficiency. And what’s more, our engine is constantly learning, acquiring and processing behavior and profiles expanding our universe of available segments and customization capabilities, thanks among other factors to our team of experts in Predictive Model Markup Language.


There is no doubt that video is the ad format of choice both for brands and audiences. It provides a richer and enjoyable experience for users and higher impact and creative possibilities for brands at the same time.

We offer multi-screen video campaigns with maximum engagement and performance.

Based in proprietary technology, our DSP provides top quality in-stream and out-stream video with full transparency, with focus on viewability and brand safety, making buying and planning cross-screen programmatic video ad campaigns extremely easy and effective, either hitting large or highly segmented audiences across the globe.

Our programmatic video experts use advanced technology and access to premium publishers by integration with all major SSPs with high viewability rates.


We provide sustained high fill-rates, covering all GEOs and supporting almost all video ad formats.

Our technology helps us connect our premium publishers to our top brands in one place. Making it easy and transparent.

Increase your profits through direct campaigns and high payouts, in a safe and fraud-free environment. Our Publishers are our Partners.

Our Video Team, based in Israel, makes sure that every ad space receives the best ad available to that specific individual, one view at the time.

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