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Our DSP provides access to top quality sites, apps, marketplaces and exchanges, all through a simple, easy to use self-service platform, that provides tons of useful decision-making data and insights.

Access billions of impressions worldwide, with 99.6% global reach and audience targeting (and retargeting) capabilities through one of the most advanced RTB platforms available.
What’s more, you can even access connected devices as smart TVs and other home screens.

Our simplified-easy-to-use platform work seamlessly with IAB standard and custom ad units (YouTube, etc.). And if you need to, you can always count with our in-house format converter to ensure your campaign will always be on.

The smarter approach for your online marketing needs. Expand your typical ad campaign. Gain unprecedented reach well beyond the realms of Google or your traditional Ad Network.

Through our DSP solution you are in contact with virtually 1200everyone who is online (closer to 99.6%, actually),
and all with a single login, in a single platform.

And you can also enjoy this benefits:

An intelligent RTB engine

Our platform is always evolving, and because it’s working inside our ad exchange, it manages data more rapidly and more efficiently and it’s always learning, so the RTB process is not only fastest, but smarter.

Advanced Targeting

Chose the criteria of your preference to get to your audience. You can go demographic, geographic, contextual or fully data based targeting.

Real time reporting and statistics

Get actionable data when it’s still useful. You don’t have to wait for hours to know what’s going on. Sooner means better results, less spend.

Brand safe guarantee

Let your campaign flow with confidence; we are constantly taking care of your brand. Our strict and thorough publisher approval process ensures you will always be provided with brand safe inventory.

Seamless integration

We have had your needs in mind from day one. That’s why our tech gets integrated easily with most platforms out there. So you don’t have to switch away from your everyday tools, until you want to.

White Label solution

Agencies and other partners’ absolute favorite. You can provide your clients the same benefits we offer with your logo on it.

Conversion tracking

Don’t miss a beat. Track conversions and events so you can optimize your campaign always aiming for the best results.

Access our private marketplace

100+ of premium publishers from who you can chose from. Not enough? Have specific publishers in mind? let us know and we will sort it out for you. Our Client Services team have a solution for your every need.


Community Management

  • Moderate page comments

  • Generate content

  • Fan page activity reporting

  • Competition research and analysis

  • Increase interaction between fans and
    content (brand)

  • Competition reseach and analysis

  • integrate content from other sources to TW

  • Increase interaction between fans
    and content (brand)

  • Follow clients and key individuals' accounts

  • Channel activity reporting

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Ads

  • Smart access to the biggest social network and prime desktop
    and mobile websites's audience


Working with Google as strategic partners,
we can offer two separate strategies:



Hitting your audience when they are actively
searching for you.



User acquisition through banners and video
in a pre-defined context.


Our team of SEO ninjas will promote Cliente's position in
organic results the right way.
We enforce white hat techniques for lasting result and ROI efficency.


  • According to search engines' guidelines

  • Mid to long term results

  • Safe and encouraged



  • Disapproved by search engines

  • Short term impact

  • Exposed to sanctions (possible removal from listing)

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